Dan D43 Vintage Yacht Marconi Sloop 6mI.R.

The international 6-meter Class Dan (Sails Number D43) was built in Norway, and christened Kuliscka by her first owners, the Royal Dansk Yacht Club Syndicate from Copenhagen.

She then passed into the hands of King of Denmark and was moved to the Mediterranean where she had several victories in the Coppa Italia races.

Her next owner, a Frenchman changed her name to Davil. Dan D43 reappeared many years later on Como lake in Italy, there in the 1990 she was restored by Cantiere Nautico Matteri in Lezzeno on behalf of the industrialist Mr. De Silva, Owner of Bracco Farmaceutic. In 1998, she won her the classic category of her class world championship at Cannes. One of the most Successful skipper of this lovely craft is Marina Peroot Carpaneda, wife of Luigi Arturo Carpaneda, who as been president of the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo since 2008.

Dan D43 Was sold at auction at imperia in 2010. Now Dan D43 is ashore Chiavari / Genova Italy


  • Price: € 45.000
  • Length: 35.63 ft / 10.86 m
  • Model year: 1931
  • Boat location: Chiavari (IT)

Sales representative

  • Name: Lorenzo Bortolotti
  • SalesRep Id: 43460
  • Company name: MYM-Mediterranean Yacht Management


  • Name: MYM-Mediterranean Yacht Management
  • City: Monaco
  • Postal Address: Le Beau Rivage 9, Av D'Ostende
  • Postal code: 98000
  • Country: MC
  • Email: lorenzo.bortolotti@mym.mc
  • Phone: +377 97 97 95 07

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